'H for Hypocrisy' - A coffee table book by Gavin Macpherson and Aven Frey. An alphabet book for angry liberal Americans to laugh, think, and act.

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Do you know your ABC’s?
Forget your nursery rhymes and lullabies, we have a new alphabet for these, our deranged modern times. A satirical, lyrical, liberal journey from A to Z, mocking the crudest and cruelest, dumbest and rudest ideas and attitudes inflicted on us by our dubious “superiors,” from conservative politicians to business leaders. Entitled H Is For Hypocrisy(and hey, that gets the ball rolling!), each letter is given over to another outrage or idiocy that we, the people, are forced to suffer. No punches are pulled or quarter given, the very first letter sets the tone – “A’s for Abortion” (“the edgiest of issues, no exceptions for rape, no donation of tissues”). And each cutting commentary is accompanied by a beautifully rendered, full color caricature to drive home the extreme absurdity of the lampooned one-percenters. Put aside the chicken, this is snarky soup for the soul, and it’s delicious!


Hard cover book.

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